Friday, September 11, 2009

her name is via!

The reason why i pick her: her style is so outgoing :)

1. One words to describe your fashion style?

2. Two fashion items that you can live without?
bangles,loose tee

3. Three fashion icons for you?
Kate moss,Missoni,Chloe Sevigny

4. Favourite shopping places?
any kind of cheap and chic places

5. named five the everlasting fashion items for you!
flat shoes,skirt,jeans,scarf,slouchy bag

6. six wish list in your shopping bag..
fringe shawl,flat shoes,layered cardigan,grey stocking,jumpsuit

7. write in seven words, your fashion quotes!
hmm..just work with what you got

meet via on facebook by clicking here: rizky sylvia panghuriany