Thursday, June 18, 2009

her name is erlita

The reason why i pick her: love her messy style!
1.One words to describe your fashion style?

2. Two fashion items that you can live without?
simple bag and comfort sandal or shoe

3. Three fashion icons for you?
for now,i love Cory Kennedy,Miss Bilson and the Mirror who's hanging on the wall hehe. .

4. Favourite shopping places?
everywhere i go. .

5. named five the everlasting fashion items for you!
jeans,fun t-shirt,flip-flops,cute bracelet or necklace,and have a sexy nail color.

6. six wish list in your shopping bag..
androginy make up kit,so many kind fun t-shirt,a cup of bracelet,maybe 3-4 nail color,and asymetric top.i wish. .

7. write in seven words, your fashion quotes!
fashion is something but style is amazing
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