Thursday, June 18, 2009

her name is amy karmia

The reason why i pick her: even when she wear a simple dress, there's always one accessories, bags, or shoes that make her looks stylish

1. One words to describe your fashion style?

2.Two fashion items that you can live without?
- diamond stud earings,look great with everything, give a statement in an effortless way, andthe way they sparkle makes me feel like a million bucks!- Little black dress, could do casual or cocktail- depends on the accessories, and black never goes out of style.

3.Three fashion icons for you?
blair waldorf from gossip girl, jackie o, audrey hepburn

4.Favourite shopping places?
anywhere, We never know where shopping fate will take us,haha

5.named five the everlasting fashion items for you!
little black dress, leather jacket, jeans, heels, white shirt

6. six wish list in your shopping bag..
ok here it goes : - christian louboutin phyton pumps- miu miu black leather coffer bag- diamond ring, old europian cut, 3k is enough- marc jacobs black leather jacket- marc jacobs white dress (the one with wide V’d shoulder straps)- black lady dior bag- LV speedy

7.write in seven words, your fashion quotes!
fashion not just about what you wear, its about how you wear it-style is something that we cant buy. (more than 7 words, i know)
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